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Customized Timers

Automatic Lighting Controller - Model : 1000 LG (230V AC / 440V AC)

automatic light management

General Features

  • Attractive LCD display
  • User friendly LED indications
  • User programmable timer setting

In-built Timers

  • Continuous Cyclic Timer (CYC)
    • User Programmable four cyclic timers with separate ON / OFF time
    • Each timer functions independently
    • All the four timers can be operated in cyclic manner
  • Realtime Cyclic Timer (RTC)
    • User Programmable four RTC timers with individual ON / OFF time

Suitable for

  • To control compressor air valve changeover in cyclic mode
  • To control street lights in RTC mode
  • To control hoarding lights with RTC / CT mode
  • To control Residential and Commercial lighting
  • To control lighting system for Hotels, Hospitals & Educational Institutions