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Automatic Water Pump Drip Irrigation System

Model : Drip Master 01


Drip irrigation has its root in agriculture, where in many parts of the world it was the only option available in the harsh climate & with limited water supply. By using drip irrigation farmers could inverse yields while lowering water use. In recent days Drip Irrigation is well trusted and is actively utilized in Agriculture, Commercial landscaping & residential gardening. In Drip Irrigation the valves has to be changed frequently to facilitate many different regions.

For effective water management with Drip Irrigation we have come up with advance technology to assist farmers with our Automatic Water Drip Irrigation System. We have named as "DRIP MASTER - 01"

General Features

  • Drip master has 16 programmable continuous cyclic timers. So that 16 valves can be controlled by a single controller.
  • As per the customer requirements any of the valves can activated or de-activated individually.


  • Reduces the man power
  • It avoids the wastage of water by human error
  • Maintenance free
  • It saves electricity and water