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A Complete Solution for Water Management Automation Systems

qualityNiagara Automatic Water Pump Controller saves water and energy. It is a home automation product which maintains the water level and ensures the continous water flow round the clock. Niagara Automation and Company believe in bringing the comfort in day-to-day life with the latest technology with cost effective. Niagara incorporates innovative features and futuristic design in the Automatic Water Level Controller.

models Niagara Automatic Water Level Controller effectively monitors the water levels in overhead tank and sump. It prevents overhead tank from overflowing and also over pumping from sump, well etc. It allows the user to be free from the bother of switching the water pump ON and OFF and makes water available throughout the day.

Niagara Automatic Water Pump Controllers and Mobile Starters: warranty
  • Automatic Water Pump Controller
  • Mobile Automatic Water Pump Controller
  • Automatic Water Pump Controller with Starters
  • Automatic Water Pump Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Customized Timers
  • Wireless Level Transmitter / Receiver